NRS Team USA Ninja PFD

NRS Team USA Ninja PFD

We custom built this special edition NRS Ninja PFD for the US Freestyle Kayaking Team. It didn't seem fair that they got all the cool stuff, so we made some for the rest of us too!

$10 from the purchase of every Special Edition Team USA Ninja PFD goes to support the USA Freestyle Kayaking Team.

The low-profile NRS Ninja PFD is so comfortable, you'll forget you have it on. This compact life jacket gives you total freedom of movement.

The Ninja's athletic design won't interfere with paddling, rowing or swimming. Freestyle kayakers and other active boaters love it.

Four side adjustments and two shoulder adjustments provide a custom fit.

Also great for boaters with short torsos, who may have a difficult time wearing more conventional life vests.

Soft PVC-Free foam flotation panels are shaped for comfort.

A floating front panel adjusts to your body's shape and gives you a warm place to put your hands when it's chilly.

Price: $129.95


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