Care & Repair

QCC Seat Pad Kit

Replace your factory installed QCC kayak seat.

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QCC Deck Line Kit

Re-rig your kayaks deck lines with this kit.

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QCC Hatch Strap Kit

This kit will replace all of the hatch straps on your QCC kayak.

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QCC Deck Fittings Kit

Package of 6 complete deck fittings for replacement on QCC kayaks. Includes 6 fittings, 6 gaskets and 6 plastic nuts

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QCC Foam Hatch Gasket

QCC Foam hatch gasket style is used on most Q10X, Q600X and Q700X models.

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QCC Toggle Handles

2 Toggles 2pc 5mm Reflective Rope @ 10" each

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Fiberglass Repair Kit

This convenient kit includes materials needed to repair damage to composite canoes or kayaks.

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Hatch Pedestal Gasket

Used on Q300S, Q400X/S, Q500X and early models of Q600X and Q700X.

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