QCC Kayak's Deck/Hull Seam

One of the features we are especially proud of on our kayaks is our deck to hull joint. On all other composite kayaks this is the weakest link. Whether a vinyl 'H' extrusion is used or fiberglass tape. In both cases the deck and the hull are butt jointed.

Kayaks can be subjected to tremendous force from everything from breaking waves crashing on the deck to being tied on a rack and going down the highway at 65 mph. Regardless of the method used to butt join the two halves it will not be as strong as the lapped joint we've engineered into our kayaks, ask any craftsman, engineer or carpenter what type of join they would prefer.

With our seam system there is over 2" of overlap spread over two different planes, vertical and horizontal, and a radius. The resistance to both tension and shear in all directions of force is tremendous. In addition, our deck and hull are fused together with the same adhesive used in the toughest aerospace and marine environments. Companies like Cigarette Boats and Boston Whaler use it for their deck/hull seams, Boeing uses it as well as the major automotive makers. We are so confident that if the seam on your QCC kayak ever fails we will simply replace your kayak with a brand new one, period!