QCC Kayak Outfitting


All of the QCC kayaks have touring style cockpits, the sizes are listed on the respective model pages. They all include molded in thigh braces and the entire underside of the deck is padded with 1/4" neoprene where ever your legs would make contact. We can also build your kayak without thigh braces if you desire for no additional cost. Our deluxe touring seat is neoprene covered foam and easily adjustable.

Foot Braces/Rudder

QCC Kayaks come standard with SmartTrack® adjustable foot braces. Easily adjustable while underway with an ergonomic shaped pedal. Optionally you can add the SmartTrack® rudder system. This system allows for a solid footbrace and the rudder position is managed with their unique toe-control. It also features a foil blade for increased effiency and is spring loaded allowing for just one uphaul cord when released from its jam cleat depolys the rudder.


Our hatches are flush, large and dry. The hard-cover hatch covers have a molded interior with gasket and tether. On the Q500x & Q400X a compression style buld gasket is used. All other models have a vertical gasket that compresses as the cover is pushed into place. In addition, because of the shape of our hulls you will be amazed at the storage capacity both fore and aft.

Deck Outfitting

Our decks are fully outfitted for the most enthusiastic kayaker. A complete set of deck lines makes sure you can quickly grab your kayak should you capsize. Stainless steel u-bolts fore and aft with toggle handles for easy on land handling. Our unique recessed deck fittings keep the deck clean and smooth. A full array shock cords for your gear, spare paddle and paddle float recues. The Q10X, Q600X and Q700X also have a molded paddle shaft groove directly behind the cockpit making those broadside paddle entries even easier.

Optional Compass

The optional Ritchie compass comes recessed in the bow hatch cover. You also receive a second bow hatch cover without a compass so you only need to take the compass with you when you need it. It is still close enough to be easily read, but not too close to cause motion sickness by constantly taking your eyes off of the horizon