QCC Kayak Construction


When building our fiberglass kayak we use a stitched bi-axial reinforcement instead of the more common and less expensive woven roving reinforcement. There are two main differences between the two which are very important. First is that woven roving is made by weaving thick bundles of fiberglass. Although this is very strong it creates a very thick material with lots of air spaces that must be filled with resin.

A stitched reinforcement takes flat bundles of fiberglass and lays them down flat in one direction and then lays the second layer flat in the other direction and then stitches them together. This allows for a much lower profile than a woven fabric and requires much less resin resulting in a higher strength to weight ratio. It would certainly be cheaper to use woven roving, but we don't feel it is as strong.


Kevlar® is a very popular reinforcement for kayak building because of its terrific strength to weight advantage. It is 30% stronger and 30% lighter than fiberglass, but the material is about 5 times as expensive as fiberglass as well.

Our approach when making Kevlar® kayaks is not to simply pursue weight savings. With our Kevlar® kayaks you will get a lighter kayak than our fiberglass builds, but you will also get a much stronger kayak as well. Your Kevlar® kayak will be stronger, lighter and longer lasting in addition to having a higher resale value. When you compare our Kevlar® upgrade price to that of other kayak builders you will quickly realize that this is by far the best value for your money if the extra dollars are within your budget.


This construction combines the best features of Kevlar® and carbon fiber. Kevlar® is very strong, light and unmatched in impact resistance and its ability to withstand flex. Carbon on the other hand is very stiff and even lighter than Kevlar® but it is somewhat brittle when compared to Kevlar®.

With this build we place Kevlar® reinforcement on the outer layer of the hull and then back that up with carbon. The result is a kayak that is very tough and light without the "floppy" feeling of many lightweight kayaks. The inside of the kayak will have that sexy carbon black look and you will appreciate the lightweight and the peace of mind knowing the Kevlar® is there for added protection.


If light weight is your primary goal and takes precedence over all others than this is the way to go. There is no lighter build than carbon, however, it will not deliver the rugged durability of Kevlar®. Carbon is very light and very stiff but it will fail more easily under impact. If you want to have the lightest possible boat for use in fairly benign flat water conditions than this is a good choice for you.