QCC Kayaks - The Company

QCC was founded in 1991 as a molder of quality composite components for other manufacturers and began making sea kayaks in 1996 under private label for another company. Over the years we have engineered these kayaks from prototype level to the truly extraordinary sea and touring kayaks they are today.

We have broad experience in most composite disciplines. Most sea kayak builders have learned enough about composites to build sea kayaks. We have a broad range of composite expertise from automotive to aviation to apply to the building of our kayaks. The combination of our experience with the nautical design work of John Winters creates a blend that produces extraordinary results.

The kayaks are constructed with the care and pride many manufacturers only dream about. All one needs to do is ask someone who owns one. From the gel-coat to the laminate to the final assembly, every step is done with meticulous care by experienced craftsmen. We know that our kayaks will never be better than the pride that the people building them have in what they do. For this reason we have assembled a talented group of craftsmen who craft each sea kayak in an environment without layers of management or counter productive structure. It is a group of craftsmen who love what they do and are allowed to do it the best they can without constraints on time or performance that would degrade the final product.

Update: As of April, 2011 the QCC Kayak brand and products are in the more than capable hands of Wenonah Canoe. Wenonah Canoe is the perfect company to carry on the QCC Kayak story. Like QCC they are a Midwestern, family owned business actively cared for by its founder. Like QCC they employ local, hard-working people in Winona, MN, USA to build your QCC kayak. Like QCC they are all about quality and service and developing customer loyalty through superior products and service.